Partner - Royal Bank of Scotland

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The Key Partner of the Elevator Awards for the last 19 years has been the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

The Royal Bank of Scotland also sponsors the Award Categories: Business Success Over 3 Years, Entrepreneur of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mark Gall, Regional Director, Commercial and Private Banking for Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “As a supporter of Scottish business and as one of Scotland’s biggest employers, Royal Bank of Scotland understands the important role companies across the North East play in the economic success of this country.

“The Elevator Awards are recognised across industry as a marker of success across all sectors and offer an opportunity to celebrate the wealth of skill and depth of talent which exists in this region. 

“We would encourage all businesses to get involved and not only showcase the impact they make – but the impact everyone here makes to Scotland’s success.”

About Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland has paved the way in banking ever since it was established in 1727. From the world’s first overdraft, and the first house purchase loan by a UK bank, to the first fully-fledged internet banking service and mobile banking app the bank has a history of making life easier for its customers. 

The bank has a commitment to retain its close connections with the Scottish communities it serves.