The Innovation Award

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The Innovation Award

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Elevator, as an organisation, believe that innovation is at the heart of a successful business. This award will be given to an individual or a business that can demonstrate that innovation is at the core of their current or future success.

This award recognises businesses that can demonstrate a proven ability to create, nurture and develop innovative products, processes or services that substantially improve the commercial performance or prospects of the business.

Part 1 – Please provide information that demonstrates the following (Word Count – 1,000 words):

  • You have developed a product that is unique or ground-breaking in your sector
  • The product satisfies a real need in the marketplace
  • The product has the potential to positively impact the broader business sector. 

Part 2 - Please provide a relevant summary that realistically displays the potential of the innovation. (Word Count – 1,000 words)

Clearly, articulate the innovative steps they have taken and how the resulting products or services have disrupted the current marketplace or have the potential to do so.

Part 3 – It is helpful for the judges to have an idea of the financial history, impact, or proposed impact that this innovation will have. 

If this information exists, please demonstrate this. (Word Count – 1,000 words)