Employer of the Year

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Employer of the Year Award

Having a committed team who are happy and dedicated to their task is key to business success.

This award will be presented to the business that can best demonstrate corporate success achieved through well-adopted company values that stimulate, develop and support and employees.

Application entries are invited from employers, appreciative employees, or external influences who recognise this business as an ‘employer of choice’.

Please provide a narrative description as to why the applicant business should win the award of "The Employer of the Year"

Please note: Applications can be made by either the employer or by the employees or nominated by an external party.

Part 1. Please confirm which best describes your position:

I am the Employer

I am a member of staff

I am an external body nominating this business 

Part 2. Employer Leadership (500-word count)

Please provide evidence that the employer’s leadership of the business and management style has built a staff oriented culture, and how this impacts on the success of the business. Please note ways in which the employer’s approach to employees has improved the business as a whole.

Part 3. Staff Development Opportunities (500-word count)

Please provide examples within this business of staff development, role development, opportunities for staff to ‘give something back’, and support for staff wellbeing. Please also provide examples of unusual or noteworthy incentives or other innovative employee support received by employees. 

Part 4. Staff Responses to Employer Impact (500-word count)

  • Please provide evidence of how the employer makes employees feel valued and motivated.
  • Has the employer improved the way in which it communicates with employees in the last year (up to 11/3/2016)?

Please provide examples.

If you are not part of the management team of this business, please ensure they are aware that they have been nominated, as they will need to be involved if the application is successfully short-listed.