Pinkerton Creative Developments

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Company Name:

Pinkerton Creative Developments


Name(s) of founding team:

Paul Pinkerton, Zhanar Pinkerton

What is the business?:

A property development company providing sustainable homes & communities, which are designed with creativity.  As well as renewable technologies & natural materials, our homes will go the extra mile with vegetable plots, green houses and herb walls as standard; our homes will encourage us to produce more and consume/spend less.  Our communities will include permaculture gardens, share economy features such as share sheds, community income initiatives and other communal services.  Our communities will bring out the best in people and encourage us all to be more resource efficient

Target market:

Initially for first time buyers and growing families but for everyone that feels the need for community.

6 word story describing the business:

Sustainable, homes, communities, people, planet, future

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